A Person Who Suffers Abuse From An Abuser Essay

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2. I believe that a person who suffers abuse from an abuser should be called a surviving victim however, that is not one of my options here so I would have to say that I would pick victim over survivor. One of the reasons that I would chose a victim is because of my past. I grew up in an abusive home and so I was abused by my parents on a regular basis. I know that coming from that state I am a victim and that I survived my abuse but I feel more like a victim than a survivor. I think this way because when I think of surviving I think about overcoming the abuse and moving past it. I know from experience that I have escaped much of the physical abuse so I have gotten away from the abusers however, I have not been able to move past being abused. Everything that I do comes from that aspect of my life. I have social awkwardness because I was never treated with genuine love. I have a hard time being in a healthy relationship because I did not grow up in one. Everything that happened to me growing up still comes back and affects me today. That is why I would say that an abused person is a victim. They may be able to get away physically from the abuser and what the abuser did to them, but the pain and trauma from the abuse is not something that they can escape from. Let’s look at a cancer survivor. If a person has cancer and the cancer is treated it will then go away and they can go back to a basically normal life. They may have more doctor’s visits then they did before…

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