Essay about A Person Who Has Changed My Life

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A person who has been an inspiration to me is my Aunt Velia. She was a Physical Education Teacher for thirty years, president of the American Little League and a wonderful role model to several people. She really was not my legal aunt as some people might say, but she has been in my life since I was four years old. Velia was born in 1952 in Fort Stockton, Texas. She attended Fort Stockton High School and then went to college at Sul Ross University. She wanted to be an Art Teacher but she could not afford the supplies that were required for the major. She then decided to major in Physical Education and minor in United States History. She started her career as a Physical Education Teacher and cheerleading coach for San Felipe High School in Del Rio, Texas. While working there she learned a lot about herself and what she wanted to do with her life. There were two high schools in Del Rio and when they decided to merge them together, my aunt moved on to be a Physical Education teacher at Garfield Elementary School. This was a big difference from high school student but she loved her job. When I as four Velia came into our lives after my mom had my little sister. She was my little sister’s father’s sister. She taught me how to tie my shoe, read, write and play baseball. Whenever I needed anything she was there to help. She lived with us, took care of us when my mom was working and help out around the house when we needed her. I remember one time I did not know how to spell…

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