Patti Bierley Is More Than Just A Teacher

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Patti Bierley was more than just a teacher. She was an at school mom, a role model, a confidante, and an all-around wonderful and admirable human being. In high school, my classes with her couldn’t come soon enough in the day and they were over far too quickly. Bierley, or as I called her- “B”, inspired me in many ways. Even though she doesn’t believe it herself, she was incredible. She taught me more than just art, she taught me about life. I have always enjoyed art, so when it came time to sign up for freshman year electives, I signed up for every art class offered. There was still and empty slot left on my sign up paper, so I filled it in with Theater Arts assuming that I would never get put in that class since it was my last choice. Well, …show more content…
Bierley always picked on me, but in a way that I knew she cared. I’ll have concede, I was an easy target. Despite her amazing sense of humor, she always was there for us at serious times too. She talked to us about our future plans on a level that our counselors never could. She had real relationships with me and other students and could provide advice that truly helped. She once said to me, “Paige, you’re so afraid to do. You have good ideas and you try them a little bit, but you need to just do it.” In that moment she was commenting on an art project, but I carry this quote with me to this day. It reminds me to have some self-assurance and to try things completely, not half commit to something due to apprehension and end up giving …show more content…
On my birthday, she took my entire class to our school’s coffee shop as a treat, at her own expense, because she knew I love coffee and it was my birthday. I almost cried; it really touched me. On my best friend’s birthday, she baked him chocolate chip cookies, his favorite, and brought them in for him to have. She went out of her way and did things she absolutely didn’t have to do, just for us. When I and two friends were driving to Pittsburgh for a concert that we’d been talking about for months, she ran out in the hallway to give us gas money and later texted us to make sure we got to Pittsburgh and back home safely. B was just so full of kindness and made my high school experience so much

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