A Perfect Match : How Gold Sweet Sound Lover 's Tongues By Night

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A Perfect Match “How silver-sweet sound lover’s tongues by night, like the softest music to attending ears,” writes William Shakespeare in the fictional Romeo and Juliet. Some people believe that love often gives a deep and revealing feeling. As people always try to find the right companions. People also have different points of view about a great partner. To discover this idea, I interviewed Kenyah Wilson, a eighteen-year old woman in the conference room at the Student Success Center. Jeikell, who is one of my coworkers at the Student Success Center, states that to be a good boyfriend, a partner should demonstrate four important qualities: patience, sympathy, honesty, and consideration. First of all, Jeikell said that a good boyfriend should respect her. She and her boyfriend are different races. She is Filipino, and he is American. Therefore, they sometimes may misunderstand each other about cultures and customs. She said, “When we have different points of view, he should understand where I am coming from.” She emphasizes that a good boyfriend should tolerate his girlfriend. He should respect her opinions and never force her to do anything she does not like; for example, Jeikell’s boyfriend never forces her to give up her culture to suit his norm. In addition, he always respects her culture, and he also tries to learn more about Filipino culture to understand her better. Secondly, Jeikell added that a good boyfriend should sympathize with her. She believes that an ideal…

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