A People 's History Of Ancient Rome Essay

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During the late Roman Republic, Michael Parenti proposes to interpret conflicts such as power through the use of what he calls “A people’s history, therefore the title “A People’s history of ancient Rome”. In Michael Parenti’s words, “A people’s history should be not only an account of popular struggle against oppression but an expose of the anti-people’s history that has prevailed among generations of mainstream historians” (Parenti pg.11). His intention is to present the reader with a history based on resistance vs oppression, but also point out the key facts that many historians have based Roman history on which are incorrect and highly biased. This is also demonstrated in the following line when he quotes “It should be a critical history about a people’s oppressors, those who propagated an elitist ideology and loathing of the common people that distorts the historical record down to this day” (Parenti pg.11). Parenti’s viewpoint of the Gracchus brothers varies significantly from that of the Roman elites and historians. Parenti first discusses about Tiberius Gracchus. Tiberius is described as “a man of aristocratic birth and strong democratic leanings who addressed some of the afflictions that beset Rome and Italy most notably the crying need for more equitable land distribution”, hence the Lex agrarian (Parenti pg. 60). Dio Cassius is the first to think differently of Tiberius as he sees him as “turning aside from what was best” in order to drift “into what was worst”…

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