Essay on A Parent 's Guide For Tackling Teen Technology Today

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A Parent’s Guide to Tackling Teen Technology Today
It’s a technological mismatch, we parents vs. teens and preteens.
They grew up on Wi-Fi and touchscreens. We learned on floppy discs and dot-matrix printers. When kids begin to explore more than Dora and Webkinz online, parents struggle to stay on top. On top of technology, of trends, of tracking what our kids do online.
We can feign competency for only so long. At some point, the lie of an all-seeing app tracker we keep in our ancient flip phone will become exposed. There is a way, however, to craft a game plan specific to your family situation, save face, and find compromise.
We’ve broken down the Four Horsemen of Tech Entanglements:
 Apps
 Internet
 Smartphones
 Television/video games
Plus, we’ve included a sample of a technology navigation agreement between parents and teens intended to keep the peace. Family dynamics vary. Proportions of safety and trust also fluctuate in importance not only from family to family, but within families, too.
Our interactive agreement lets you customize expectations between your child and you. First, let’s explore friction points on both ends.
The players
My mom followed my social life not through social media – by the notes she found in my jeans on laundry day. It’s trickier now. Kids can open secret social-media accounts. They can use apps that destroy correspondence. They can swipe out of a screen faster than we can say “hold it!”
My youngest…

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