Essay on A & P By John Updike

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“A & P” is a telling story about a young man named Sammy who works as a cashier at the A & P. Three young woman enter the store, the leader called Queenie dressed in bathing suits, which were not proper attire for this establishment and are told so by Sammy manager, Lengel. Sammy gawking at the young woman the whole time they were in the store he held his own with his manager. Immediately Sammy quit once they checked out, in an immature and resentful way towards his manager, but in Sammy minds a heroic and lustful way towards the young women, though he could not find them. Sammy in “A & P” by John Updike is characterized as an immature, rebellious, and lustful young man who does not consider the repercussions of his actions and allows his behaviors to alter his judgment. Sammy hates his job at the A & P and is resentful from where he comes from. Sammy daydreams about being at the beach, Sammy works in the middle of the town were all Sammy can see is banks, a church, and a newspaper store. Sammy says, “It’s not as if we’re on the Cape; we’re north of Boston and there’s people in this town haven’t seen the ocean for twenty years” (Updike 20). Sammy is expressing his immature trait, he rather be at the beach than work, he has not grown up. As Sammy watches the girls, in a lustful way walking around in their bathing suits wishing he were looking at them at the beach instead of at the A & P. Lengel confronted the ladies and this is where Sammy internal conflict between the…

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