Essay on A Note On Memory Management

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With current technology expanding and evolving every day at an astounding rate, there is plenty of competition in the world today especially when dealing with the operating systems. Some of the many different operating systems out there today are Windows 7, Windows 8, a multitude of Linux distributions, Mac OS, and Android just to name a few. We are only going to be looking at three of the major operating systems (OS) used in today’s market which are Linux (which has many different versions), Mac OS and Windows. Each of these operating have many different key elements, but some of the most noticeable differences are security, process management, memory management, and file management. Without these key elements no operating system would be able to function. The first area we will discuss will be memory management.
Memory Management. The first question we should ask is what is memory management? Memory management is the process that takes place within the operating system, programs and hardware of the computer. This involves coordinating the computer memory and allocating blocks of memory for the different running programs on the operating system so that they can achieve optimum performance. Memory is one of the many essential components of any computer no matter which operating system is being used.
Memory management has four main requirements; those four requirements are sharing, protection, relocation and organization. Memory protection stops and prevents…

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