A New Way Of Viewing Leadership Essay

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A New Way of Viewing Leadership Traditionally, society has placed people in leadership positions in the spotlight. Many people in this country have become convinced that people in these positions have all of the right answers and are going places they want to go. If they become successful, the followers become successful. This may be the reason why, in today’s world, that everyone is trying to get ahead. But this approach has led to many egocentric leaders with no desire to help others get ahead. According to Marquis & Huston (2015) many individuals who become placed in positions of authority and become leaders tend to start lacking mindfulness and consideration of others’ feelings and needs. What if this traditional understanding of a leader’s role and position has been wrong this entire time? What if it’s the leaders who step out of the spotlight and obtain motives that go beyond self-interest who are the most successful and produce the greatest results? This type of leadership is called servant leadership. Three important characteristics of servant leadership including commitment, selflessness, and gratitude will be discussed more in depth in this paper along with how servant leadership can be used in practice today and the evolution of my personal views on this leadership style.
Servant Leadership Characteristics In the past, leadership has been based around a hierarchical-type structure and the perception that management knows best. This was a successful technique…

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