A New Place For Call Home Essay

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A New Place To Call Home Since the founding of the United States, immigration has been a government concern. The United States has had immigrants from various parts of the world, ranging from Hungary to Cuba (Singh). Now the United States appears to be taking in a significant amount of Syrians immigrants. This has caused a lot of conflict within our government and on the streets. Because of the unrest in the Middle East and shaky relations between the United States and that region, these Syrian immigrants are different than any other the U.S. has had thus far. Offering them refuge may be complex, but with intense background checks, questioning, and surveillance upon entering the country, they should be allowed to start making a life in the U.S.. A refugee is a person who flees for safety, especially to a foreign country, as in time of great political upheaval, war, etc…(“Refugee”). The immigrants from Syria are considered refugees because they are fleeing a civil war that has been going on since 2011, with no sign of slowing down (Silva). If one doesn 't even have the basic necessities to live in one’s home country, one would most likely seek a new haven where he or she is treated like a human being. In Syria, 60% of the population live in extreme poverty and do not have jobs to afford the items they need to survive (Silva). Many are reporting women being raped and assaulted while men are being beaten up and wounded. Even the children in Syria are…

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