A New Management Model Essay

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sector. Accordingly, the researcher further emphasized on the fact that a new management model in organizations could be adopted, whether public or private. The criticism of the bureaucracy and the rise of the superiority of private management systems in relation to public administration, materialized on a set of fundamental principles: decentralization, deregulation and delegation.
1. Decentralization as a fundamental principle for organizations can acquire creativity and innovation, implying at the same time reducing hierarchical levels. To Harris (2009), this is an essential process as public managers are unable to manage projects and people, merely to manage processes and systems.
2. Deregulation as a way for managers can intervene directly in the management of financial, human and material resources, in an attempt to achieve organizational goals. Rules and regulations disappear and managers are responsible for their actions and their decisions.
3. Delegation of powers as a form of political power to depart from the concerns of day management and implementation of policies. Defined the organization 's objectives, Policy makers should refrain from intervening in its management.
In general, the managerial paradigm based on the assumption that both organizations public or private, can be managed according to the same principles, although the public organizations seeking to meet social and global interests be controlled for political power (Mayne, 2007).
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