A New Kind Of Healing Reflection Paper

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A New Kind Of Healing Rebecca DeJean
Palm Beach State College

I have no special talent I am only passionately curious. Albert Einstein
Mr. Einstein said this when he was asked why he wanted to keep learning even though he was so smart already. I think that is was because that even if you learn all that there is there is still more to learn so I decided to other than leaning a bunch of things that I would try to be really good at one thing the mind and how to make people’s lives on this earth a better stay.
The mission and objectives of the sanctuary is to help people better understand themselves and the world around them by using activities such as nature and growing and planting organic vegetables. Animals have
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My name is Rebecca DeJean. Growing up mental health was not very conversed in my community circle. It wasn 't until my sister was diagnosed with ADHD and my brother diagnosed with a bipolar disorder, my world view was forced to expand. My family and I didn 't know anything about medication or treatment and went through a trial and error period that was hard on everybody.
While living in Jamaica we were able to find a Holistic Healing Center that truly helped us in the long run with my siblings, and the family as a whole. At times when people hear holistic they think mystical nonsense. The center was focused on the five senses and connecting with the world around one. Which is said to help with mental distress.
My business proposal is to make a sanctuary where people can use the arts, animals and nature to try to heal and achieve better quality of life. This is not to be confused with the rehabilitation center per say or a 12-step process. It is a place where people can come to try to connect to something and use that anchor to begin a new path. The Center shall be named The Renaissance. I gravitated to this name due to the fact that it reminded me of a time of enlightenment and
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It is god to learn from other people’s mistakes, nevertheless the type of program that I would like to start does not seem that very popular in the United States. Which is a good and negative thing due to the fact that, this might make it difficult to get off the ground, the funding and the fact that is will need a lot of medical professionals. While doing my research it was not necessarily hard to find funding for medical projects. The fact was it was hard to find funding for medical projects that are not sponsored but big pharmaceutical companies. I think this is due to big pharmaceutical companies trying to push their agendas on to people, hospitals and programs as to sell as much medication as possible. This sad fact goes against the fact that I would like to do a mostly naturalistic. This is another aspect that might hurt my company the fact that is not a traditional method of healing. People might be suspicious and wary to send a loved one to get help because it not institutionalized. Lastly, to stay away from this problem I would like to have different medical professionals on sight, which will cost a lot of money. Which is not a bad thing because everybody wants to get paid and I would like the best care given to these people but I do not want to be because of these reasons the patients tend to get pushed aside for the bottom line. I have seen a couple of programs here in the United States but not many as I thought

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