Essay about A New Generation Of Trained Economists

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a new generation of trained economists. Islamic economics means to organize economic activity on the one hand and realistic theory on Islamic basis. The
Islamic economics argues the method on the grounds that ‘’ Materials and spirit’’ combine the Islamic concept of man. By linking Islamic economics across the western economy to determine topics search tool. The debate about the process of becoming the Islamic methodology in dealing with the priorities of economic activity, where most Islamic economists consistently critique scientific character and to highlight the lack of availability in the western economic system. For that, Muslim economists resorted to divide the western economy between the scientific section features neutrality and objectivity section of value judgment, which is characterized by subjectivity. Through this division produces precisely the link between the western economy and Islamic economy which is based on the exclusion of postulates that are unique to the modern economy and which have no Islamic basis.
Al Sader, Mohammed (1968). According to Akrem Khan and Hassanuzzaman as cited in the article, they defined Islamic economics based on the principle of ‘’ flah’’ for Akram and ‘’ shariah ‘’ for Hassanuzzaman. They wanted to replace Islamic economics instead of conventional economics to make distinctiveness life with
Islamic way. In contrast, Mohammed Arif put three economics systems ‘’ Islamic economics, Social economics and…

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