A New Culture Based Off Of The Middle East Essay

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When the Jews were sent into exile after the destruction of the second temple they scattered all over the globe. Some Jews settled in what today is known as the Middle East. These Jews assimilated over time to incorporate their neighbors traditions and customs that became part of the Oriental Jews own customs. A large part of these customs were in the form of dance. Today, dance that once became part of Oriental Jew’s culture is seen in modern Israeli culture. Specifically, one can find many examples of this in the Yemenite culture.
The modern Israeli State has used dance as part of its identity from the very beginning. The founders of the state came from all parts of the world, and from all traditions came together to form the Jewish, Israeli state. These identities and traditions have combined together to create a new culture, based off of those that originally influences. Creating a new culture based off of many cultures combining together was a daunting task that arose many questions from many different perspectives. For example, Allison Schachter questioned the role of literature in this new forming culture of the state of Israel. She asked, “If we view secular Jewish culture and Zionism as an extension of a European Christian world view, where does that leave the creation of a secular Hebrew literature?” (2013, pg. 348). Schachter summarizes a great point; how does different parts of culture take pieces of the religious, secular, old country and new world. Dance is a…

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