A Nation 's Economy Essay

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In any society, for a large number to survive and thrive, two tasks must always be met. The first is the gleaning and the manufacture of certain resources, ones that ensure human sustenance; food, water, shelter. The second component is the distribution of these valuable commodities to the population at large. It is here we find the simplest here explanation for a nation 's economy; the way in which it produces and distributes it 's goods. Economy, as it relates to the layman, is survival within a society. In a market society, survival and profit is generally the same idea; the ability to prosper uninhibited. How has America tackled this problem over their history? Have their been any challenges, and if so, what has become of them? The questions that can be raised are broad and numerous when discussing American economic policy. There can, however, be statements applied to American economy that prove true over the entire span of their nation 's history, and indeed before it. One such statement, used to define our purposes in this work, is this; threats to economic freedom and health in America, historically, have been the primary catalysts to their most major social and political changes.

The American Revolution is a war that changed the world, that began the American nation. To say that the war 's outcome had significant social and political change is a vast understatement; a new type of governance was put into practice, and ordinary citizens were given the chance to…

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