Essay on A Narrative Report Of The ' Big ' Five Personalities '

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According to the IPIP – NEO Narrative Report of the “Big – Five Personalities”, I received the highest score of 61 on Conscientiousness out of all five personality traits. Some benefits listed of being conscientious are being able to avoid trouble, achieve high levels of success thorough purposeful planning, persistence, and being viewed as intelligent and reliable by others. These traits will definitely help me grow at school, work, as well as in my personal life. Purposeful planning is important in working with other individuals and doing group work. However, there are some negatives that follow the good traits such as being a compulsive perfectionists and workaholic. Not being extremely conscientious works in my benefit because extremely conscientious individuals might be regarded as stuffy and boring. This can be difficult especially if someone with extremely high conscientious goes for a networking event or a work event.

By looking at the scores on extraversion, it also seems that I am an introvert which means I am reserved, quite and like to keep to myself. It also means that I do not like socializing much and it tends to be restricted to a few close friends. Furthermore, I scored low on Assertiveness which means I do not like to speak up, take charge, and direct the activities of others. These same results followed another self-assessment quiz I took called the “Humanmetrics Jung Typology Test”. It showed that I am 49% introvert compared to an extrovert as well as…

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