A Narrative About The Function Of An Automatic Manual Transmission

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Automatic Manual Transmissions In this paper I will give a brief narrative about the function of an Automatic Manual Transmission. Following the description, I will then explain why I believe this will become the Transmission of the future. The Automatic Manual Transmission, or Dual-Clutch Transmission, uses two clutches to direct power flow through each gear to the output shaft. One clutch is connected to the odd number gears and the other is connected to the evens. By having the clutches mounted in such a way, it provides a more consistent power curve. Relying on methods that are already practiced, all gears in an AMT are at constant mesh in order to create seamless shifts. My paper will contain a detailed assessment of why I think that AMT will be the Transmission of the future, focusing on cost, effectiveness, and reliability. Every purchase comes down to cost. Does it make sense for you to purchase this car equipped with an AMT? The answers are in plain sight and rely on a simple concept; adding gears can allow better gas mileage. According to the EPA’s website under fuel economy, an eight speed Automatic Transmission can give you an 8% increase of fuel effiency. Compared to and eight speed Automatic Manual Transmission giving you a 10% increase. This means that over the lifetime of the vehicle, you could save up to sixteen hundred dollars (with current gas prices). In modern times that is what everything boils down to. Though most manufactures recommend a service…

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