A Museum 's Mission Statement Essay

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Museums provide many services for the community. They protect and preserve cultural and historical items. While they protect these items, they also share it with millions of museum goers every year. A museum’s mission statement includes . During the process of visiting museums, audiences gain knowledge in a non-traditional learning environment. Museum learning presents an area of much interest regarding research, visitor experiences, and maximizing the educational opportunities for learners of all ages. Creating educational experiences in museums expands beyond exhibition design and curatorial departments (Falk 2000, ix). The research expanded upon in the field of museum education, over the last sixty years provides insight towards how and what people learn (Falk 2000, x). Understanding how people learn, museums apply these principles towards creating effective learning environments. The research also suggests ways in which museum educators guide meaningful learning experiences for visitors. Learning takes place in many forms and settings. Learning is categorized into three modes: informal, non-formal, and formal education (Labelle, 1982, 161). Informal education explains knowledge gained from everyday experiences during the lifelong process of learning (Labelle, 1982, 161). For example, when a parent teaches their child to do laundry or tie their shoelaces, informal education takes place. Non-formal education takes place outside of the traditional…

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