Analysis Of Strength To Love, By Martin Luther King

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The battle between the African Americans and White Americans caused a difficult life back in the 1900s. White superiority ruled over the Blacks oppressing them and limiting their birthright to freedom (29). King says human blindness drove segregation. White men believed that since God created men in His own image and He is not a negro, then all negros aren 't men (37). However, with God and Jesus 's teaching, King believed he could help lead his followers to freedom through hope and love. In " Strength to Love", Martin Luther King Jr. teaches hope and love using Jesus 's teaching during the epitome of racial segregation, strengthening the effect of the American religious experience. Christianity gives people hope in a much larger perspective, …show more content…
Even though, the toughest of times in this period because of racial segregation, the Black Christian community can unite together as a church and fight for their freedom. But how? Love. King writes "A third reason why we should love our enemies is that love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend. We never get rid of an enemy by meeting hate with hate; we get rid of enemy by getting rid of enmity." (48) This shows that with Jesus 's teachings love can touch people 's heart, transforming Whites into thinking that maybe all Americans can live as one community. It makes opposers rethink their stance as the Black community as nonviolent group of people that just wants to coexist in America together. A humans natural instinct is to judge someone, meaning putting oneself above others and believing that one is superior. After that first meeting, an idea continues to develop into that person mind building either a good thought or a terrible thought. By showing love and kindness to others, people usually imagine that he or she is a gentle spirit. This is how Jesus portrayed Himself. Jesus did not judge and He did nothing but represented God 's love to everyone. King is using this same concept, just as Jesus did, to show that the African American community is that of the same. Hate will perpetuate hate, leading to racial segregation. But love will only continue seeking love and unity. This shows that with God as their leader anything is possible and believe that the American religious experience is enhanced due to collaboration through trials and tribulations. The Black community is able to join together closer than ever before to petition and fight for equality. There is a sense of urgency that if they cannot fight as one, they will lose the battle. But, their love for God and want for freedom pushed them to seek out equality strengthen African American

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