Essay about A Mothers Nightmare

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Jamie Heminover
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Matthew Bloom
June 15, 2015 “A Mother’s Nightmare” As a parent there are certain things that just the mere thought of sends a shudder of fear down my spine. Last August I found myself face to face with that kind of fear. My four year old son’s life hung in the balance as he lay in an intensive care hospital bed. He looked so frail; with wires, and tubes hooked all over him. The constant beeping of the monitors was unsettling. I felt completely helpless. What did I do in that moment? The only thing that I could do. I hit my knees, and I prayed to my higher power as hard as I ever have. I begged, I pleaded, and I negotiated for my own life; if only it would save his. It was
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She explained that his elevated blood pressure was a sign that he was in some type of distress. They sent him up to the pediatrics unit to be admitted for the night just to keep an eye on him, and get some fluids in him. The next morning he wasn’t any better so he couldn’t be released. Over the next two days it just got worse. He stopped swallowing completely, and had to have constant suctioning. Then after a while I took him down the hall to the toy room thinking that maybe it would perk him up. I watched as he stood in front of a big toy box deciding what to play with. I saw his knees buckle beneath him almost in slow motion. He crumpled to the floor, and the look in his eyes looked as if he was just as confused about why he collapsed as I was. That night another symptom tormented Caden as he would lay writhing in his hospital. He would scream out in agony, complaining that his hips, back, and legs hurt. They gave him Tylenol, and soaked him in the tub to try to ease his pain. Nothing was working. Finally I demanded that he be given morphine so he could have some relief from the pain. They agreed, and gave him some. That helped to ease his pain for the night. By the next day it was a nightmare. He couldn’t walk, stand, sit up on his own, smile, swallow, and only had minimal use of one of his arms while the other was just limp. The nurses woke me from the cot that I had been camped out on

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