A Model For Our Spiritual Journey Essay

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A model for our spiritual journey-- that is what the Bible is intended to be. In the 263 page book titled “The Bible Tells Me So..”, The author, Peter Enns, attempts to help readers understand just what the Bible is intended to be and why he feels that way. Many christians are under the impression that the Bible is a manual that is supposed to be filled with step-by-step instructions on how to be a “good christian” and are extremely disappointed when the Bible falls short of these expectations. If you are looking for a Christian book to indulge in that will require critical thinking skills then this is a fantastic read.

Peter Enns has had a remarkable journey with Christ. This is how he begins the book, with descriptions of his journey. He said he began like most christians do, just believing what the Bible said with no questions. One day while in a Hebrew lecture he felt like he was being slapped in the face with the scripture. Have you ever been told something only to later find out it was not true, or was only partially true? That is how Peter felt when he discovered that the Bible had different interpretations of what really happened. How many people can honestly say they never questioned the truthfulness of the Bible? I cannot say I have never asked if EVERY story is one hundred percent accurate. Peter not only questioned the accuracy of the scripture, he wrote a whole book on it. Although the book itself is fascinating and many people outside of Christian…

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