Oberon Act 1 Scene 1 Analysis

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The scene was very different than I had imagined it in my head. I got a few things similar like a couple of characters costumes and some of their tones and emotions when saying certain lines, but the majority of the actual play was much different than the picture I created in my mind.

The scene started off with four fairies all running onto the stage having a good time and giggling while running around. They were clearly all very childish and they all came off a little bit immature. They were chasing each other and laughing. I had thought only one fairy would be on stage and just walking through the forest waiting on Oberon. Puck came in through a high window not casually walking through the forest either. The fairies are very interested
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Oberon comes on stage by jumping onto a box making a very loud noise making his presence known. He comes alone, with no fairy servants as I had thought he would. Then Titania comes in shortly after through a door and stair case. Oberon is wearing a shirt covered in brown leaves and brown pants. He had no crown and was very dirty looking, very similar to Puck. Titania was wearing a long, sparkly, blue dress. She also entered stage alone since her fairy servants were already all on stage. Oberon and Titania’s conversation went like I had imagined for the most part. Titania and Oberon and saying very rude and hurtful things to each other almost sounding like two young siblings fighting. The fairies and Puck sit by watching but not looking too uncomfortable, I think this might be just because they all knew what was coming and what to expect when they were put near each other. When Titania tells Oberon that the world is very confused and all of the seasons are out of order, she doesn’t sound tired or worn out with fighting but very angry. Oberon then, trying to seduce her, tells her she can fix all of

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