A Meeting At A Conference Room With The Other Ten Of His Friend

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James was sitting in a conference room with the other ten of his coworker. It was a meeting to discuss their achievement review as an account officer in a local bank. He was working here for about one year and this meeting was conducted as a performance review after they collected and maintained their accounts after six-month periods. James less likely to talk in a meeting because he was feeling uncomfortable when he said something, he became the center of attention and it made him feeling nervous as he thought that people would try to find the flaw of whatever he said. Therefore, he just usually had a report fully well written rather than to communicate his report in a meeting. Besides the regular meetings, there was also a presentation that usually conducted for a certain team project, and after all this time, James managed to avoid this situation. However, his supervisor had appointed him since he was the only one who never delivers a presentation. He really wanted to say no to the task, but he was afraid that it would give negative evaluation from his supervisor and moreover, he feels anxious when he is talking to his supervisor. Although he felt that he needed help from his colleagues, he did not ask them because he was afraid it would be embarrassing if they know he was not good enough for this task.
At his room the morning of presentation day, he stared in the mirror and tried to wear his tie. He gave himself a quick glance just to make sure that he looked…

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