A Meal Plan Menu Summary Essay

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I. Meal Plan Menu Summary
I am 68 inches tall and weigh 151 pounds, with a BMI of 23.0. All information entered into the program was based off my true numbers. Based on my profile, NutriCalc Plus calculated my nutrition goals for some nutrients as follows: 2553.40 (calories), 54.79g (protein) and 300mg (cholesterol). On a daily basis I try to consume more nutrient dense foods rather than consuming foods with empty calories. During a normal day I run around a lot between school and attending to my child. So, when out on the road I often pack healthy snacks for my son and me. Some snacks include; unsalted nuts, water, sugar-free jello, and fruit. Lastly, I cook for my family on a daily basis and I try to make sure I am using ingredients that are organic such as brown rice pasta, quinoa, chicken and fish rather than beef.
For day 3 and 4 I decided to change my daily intake for protein and cholesterol. My goal for protein was to decrease my intake to 60 grams and to decrease my cholesterol to 300 milligrams. I specifically chose to cut back on cholesterol and protein because they pose a health risk for me based on my family history. Additionally, protein at times goes along with cholesterol and if I wanted to cut down on my intake of one, I would need to cut down on the other. Cholesterol when eating in moderation contributes to healthy cell function by maintaining the membrane of the cell and synthesizing compounds like estrogen and testosterone. In addition, LDLs (bad…

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