A Mayor Problem That Affects Youth Essay

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A mayor problem that affects thousands of youth in the United States each year is students dropping out of school. Students ages 16 through 24 years of age, statistics show that dropout rate are 7% in 2012 compared with high school graduates (Richards, 2006). According to Richards (2006) students who do not graduate from high school have greater chances of unemployment, which can lead to welfare dependency. They have a higher level of depression and alienation, which can result in physical and mental health problems. Not completing high school has been shown to increase the frequency of delinquency, which can lead to criminal activity and in some cases incarceration.
At Risk Youth
Roberson (2015) states that youth, who encounter challenges such as little to no guidance and support, are exposed to hostile and underprivileged environment, and lack of stable family relationships become at risk. These at-risk youths habitually live in poverty-stricken communities, experience violence, and are deprived of resources and the foundation that would empower them to be successful. These at-risk youths are more likely to not finish high school when compared to youths who are not at risk.
School Dropout
Understanding why student’s dropout of school and its consequences are important. According to K. k. h. c. e. Henry, Knight, and Thornberry (2012) and Roberson (2015) once a student drops out of school, they leave the structure of the school environment and they are often difficult to…

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