Homeless Teenagers

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Homelessness is a huge problem in the United States, roughly about 2 million (Covenant House) teenagers that are facing homelessness. Everyday people pass by homeless teenagers in every state that are living on the streets, in abandoned places, or even by a river. Teenagers are homeless for many different reasons. There are too many young adults in troubled families around the United States that are homeless; reasons such as a lack of parental support and substance abuse; but there are certain ways that the communities in the United States could help to eradicate the problem.
Many young adults in the United States suffer from being homeless, here is a girl’s story about it. In 2011 ABC News interviewed a few teenagers in the United States
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Across the United States there is an alarming rate of homeless youth.” Every year there is 2 million youth who will face a period of homelessness.” A big part of the problem that causes homeless youth is a damaged household. The main cause of youth homelessness is physical, sexual, and/or emotional abuse from a parent or guardian. Teens give up hope and lose their purpose in life. Here is another interview to put things in better perspective. In the other interview they had was another seventeen-year-old named George. George on the other hand wanted to go home. He lived with his aunt since he was a little boy. George’s aunt told him he had to live with some family in San Francisco for a while. He called his aunt as he was halfway there and his aunt confessed that the address he was going to was a random McDonald 's. Once George arrived in San Francisco he was forced to live in a park and bathe in public restrooms. George said in his interview, “I had to climb a tree, strap myself into it, and hope I wouldn’t fall. Every night I wondered to myself what I did and came to the realization that I am now homeless.” Then finally George came in contact with his aunt and she said he was an awful person, …show more content…
It is believed that about 38% of homeless teenagers abuse alcohol, while 26% regularly use other drugs ("Homelessness and Substance Abuse."). While the other 40% of young teenagers are homeless because of family reasons. When things go wrong in a stable family or friendship it usually heads south really quick and does not lead to good things; teenage years make it seem like substance abuse is a thing and that it should make them feel better in a way or because it is an easier way to cope with the idea that their family is in trouble. Students have many ways to cope, but they love the substance abuse because it puts a chemical in the body and on the brain that makes them feel “out of this world.” Substance abuse is also why students are homeless, because they would rather buy drugs or alcohol than put the money towards something more useful like a house, apartment, or even a condo that is usually in a

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