A Man With The Narcissist Personality Essay

834 Words Oct 27th, 2015 4 Pages
If a man with the narcissist personality was to go to a bar and see a beautiful woman, he would most likely do the following. Use his charm and show her why she needs and want him, not the other way around. He would use his charm and cockiness to show off his assents. To the woman he seems to have everything and more that she wants in a man and he is the perfect package. After she falls into his trap she will soon see that the brilliant man that she was so into is not so charming after all. The narcissist will quickly show the lady that nothing that she says or does is better than him in any way. He will show her just how about him it really is. He will completely neglect every need, want, and desire that she has. He will always have to be in control and won’t truly love her because he can’t. He can’t fully understand love like other people can because he is so self-centered and everything has to be about him. If the narcissist makes the woman cry (and that is very likely to happen) he will do it with absolutely no remorse. He can physically, mentally, and emotionally hurt the woman and feel absolutely no remorse from the action. He will even feel as if the reason why she was hurting in any way would be her fault and played no part in hurting her.
The man who has the borderline personality would most likely approach the woman with a shy attitude. He will show her his sensitivity and manipulate her into thinking that he has everything all together. He will do anything…

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