Essay about A Man Of God : What Does It Mean?

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A Man of God. what does it mean? Is it a title, a designation, a position, or is it merely a phrase that is associated with good preachers? There are many examples of the Man of God all throughout the Bible. Specifically there are 73 verses that have that exact phrase, Man of God. These verses range from Deuteronomy 33:1- II Timothy 3:17. We know that there were Men of God present before these books were penned and there have been many Men of God since the completion of our cannon. There have been many men of God described in the Bible. Let us take a brief look at their lives and persons to see what exactly it means to be a Man of God. When thinking of the Man of God we must first start with Moses, he is after all the first Man of God referenced in the Bible. In Deuteronomy 33:1 we see the title Man of God placed on Moses. When we consider the life of Moses we certainly see that Moses was a man of God, it is pretty obvious because the Bible illustrates and says it. Taking a look at the life of Moses, we would see a man who was imperfect, we see failure. There was failure when he killed the Egyptian man and hid him in the sand, a failure when fleeing Egypt, and a failure when he struck the rock in the wilderness. Failure is not the thing that shapes the man; however, the things he does as a result of failure form him. Moses felt like a failure when the people were not heeding the commands of God. There were times when he also felt inadequate, such as going before Pharaoh.…

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