God In Morgan Freeman's The Story Of God

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In the episode called “Who is God?” of the series “The Story of God”, Morgan Freeman explores the concept of who God is and how the idea of God has evolved. He visits several places throughout the world, including places like India and Egypt. The episode shares insights, but doesn’t insinuate or stretch facts on who God is?

The show begins with Morgan taking a trip to India to get some insights on Hinduism. The woman states that Hinduism is an umbrella term and that there not just one god, but thousands of gods. The question is asked, “who does one decide which gods to pray to”. She replies that gods are essential passed down through the generations and they are invoked to in hopes that they will aide in overcoming obstacles in life. But then she mentions that there is something higher than the gods, call Brahman. Brahman is the energy or thing that connects everything to everything else. She says that Brahman is bigger than the gods themselves.
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Whatever cult or group that created the area were obviously worshipers of the Sun. They state that researchers have concluded that the site dates back some 4,500 years ago. Also, there is a “C’ shaped site called to Durrington Walls, which faces the Sun. Durrington Walls was built on top of another site that originally faced a prominent land feature. Morgan then goes on to say that the gods were ancestors, rivers, hills, mountains, and other somewhat accessible things in

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