A Man And A Woman Kissing By A Window Essay

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1. This painting includes a man and a woman kissing by a window. The couple is standing near an open window with four openings and light curtains. Looking out of the window there are 3 human-like figures and a tall, dark, green tree. There is also a building with multiple windows, some windows are dark and some have light coming out of them.
2. You can tell that the couple is kissing though, neither of their faces have any facial features on them. Them kissing, represents an act of love that signifies passion and sexual desire. Both the man and the woman’s face are blended together, making it look as if they share faces. I think that their faces are combined because it symbolizes their unity as a couple. Also, that nothing can tear apart the strong, loving bond that they have. On the other hand, it can also be interpreted as losing one’s individuality once involved in a long term relationship. The tree in the painting looks like a pine tree and could symbolize protection, fertility and love. The fact that they are kissing near an open window represents them not caring about what other people think about their love. They are so tuned into the fact that they are kissing that the whole world surrounding them becomes irrelevant to them. Anyone who has been in love or kissed someone knows how kissing someone you love tends to make you just live in the moment and only focus on kissing the other person, so they can relate to the kissing couple in that way alone. The viewer…

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