A Love Triangle : A Romantic Relationship Between Three People

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A love triangle is known as a romantic relationship between three people. Although there are three people involved, there is usually one person who is involved with the other two people. Catullus uses the characters in his poem to show what is known today as a love triangle. The love triangle includes Catullus, Lesbia, and Lesbia’s husband. Often times when there is a love triangle, there is someone being led on, lied to, or given false hope about some part of the relationship. In the love triangle, this is Catullus. There is also usually a person who is in the dark or does not know about the relationship of the other two individuals. In this case, this person is Lesbia’s husband. Lesbia pretends that she hates Catullus, in order to keep her relationship with Catullus a secret. In poem 5, Catullus and Lesbia are living life together and loving each other, while disregarding other people’s and rumors and comments. It seems as if the sun rises and sets an infinite amount of times during the moment that they hold and kiss each other, although it is only one night. They kiss and caress each other thousands and thousands of times as they enjoy their unbothered night together. In a love triangle, it is very likely for the forbidden couple to sneak away to have a night together. Catullus and Lesbia’s relationship is very similar to relationships today that include love triangles. In today’s society the couple usually sneaks away to hotels or distant places so that they will not be…

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