A List Of Cages By Robin Roe And Your Voice

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Two books that compare well to each other are A List of Cages by Robin Roe and Your Voice is all I Hear by Leah Scheier. In A List of Cages, the author writes from two perspectives about two boys (Julian and Adam) and the conflicts they help each other though such as the abusive uncle, and the bullies. In Your Voice is all I Hear the author writes the book from the perspective of a girl (April) dealing with the struggles of having a schizophrenic boyfriend (Jonah) and how that affects her school and home life. The story’s have some differences, but are very similar in multiple ways. The reader can notice that the stories are most alike because of the conflicts and themes within them. Both stories deal with themes of trust, sacrifice, family and abuse.
When looking at the themes of trust in both books the reader sees both books are very alike. In A List of Cages, the author shows how Adam has to gain Julians trust and how Julian doesn’t trust many people and has a hard time doing so, but in the end learns a valuable lesson from Adam. In Your Voice is all I Hear, the author shows how April gains Jonah’s trust, but loses it when she turns Jonah’s hidden notebook into his psychologist. In both stories, characters have to gain back other characters trust. Trust does not only develop a theme in both books, but causes conflict and creates many lessons for both the characters and the readers. The theme trust can teach people that without it they can live in fear or live a

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