Essay about A Liberal Arts Education For Business Majors

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Yoni Applebam’s essay titled “A Liberal Arts Education for Business Majors” was published in The Atlantic on June 28th, 2016.This article is about why business majors should consider getting educated in liberal arts. To summarize the article, it mainly talked about how business majors are too focused on their business degrees, when they should be focusing on liberal arts, too. The reason for this is while people can still get jobs in their field, more and more businesses and companies are looking for people who also have a degree in liberal arts, as well as what their actual job requires them to have. They find liberal arts majors more innovative. Applebaum also states that they want someone with “an education that allows them to grow, adapt, and contribute as citizens—and to build successful careers” (A Liberal Arts Education for Business Majors). The author had a good point about the fact that people do need to put some focus on liberal arts and not just focus completely on their business degree, but was the author successful in providing readers with an essay that was persuasive? Yes, Yoni Applebaum did a good job at writing a persuasive argument. Before becoming a senior editor at The Atlantic, Yoni Applebaum worked at Harvard University as a lecturer on history and literature (All Stories by Yoni Applebaum). Considering he managed to get a job at Harvard, it’s easy to assume that he is a very intelligent man and what he says is reliable. I think the author’s purpose…

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