Essay on A Letter Written By Adam Krieger

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Imagine living in a world of hatred and sorrow, where everyday you feel like you live in a world where it feels like you are a slave and everybody else around you is your master. Picture living in a world where the littlest of things become the greatest parts of your happiness, in a world where you’re expected to live as a statistic and merely not as a human being. That is the world a bully forces onto their victim. The world should be a place of unity, peace, happiness and brotherhood, not full of cruelty, hatred and discrimination. This is what the band Blink 182 portrayed in one of their songs. A letter written by Adam Krieger who committed suicide due to a lifetime of bullying was one of the major inspirations of “Adam’s Song.” He lived in a world of hatred, cruelty, and pre-conceived societal norms. In lines 15 and 16 of ‘Adam’s Song,’ “I couldn’t wait till I got home / to pass the time in my room alone” (Adam’s Song, lines 15-16), sheds light to how extreme his bullying was, and shows us just how much he wants to be hidden from the world around him. When I was younger, and still living in the Philippines, I, too, was bullied in school, by church “friends” and even by my neighborhood “friends”. People that I thought loved and cared for me. I went to a private Catholic school during for elementary school so; the rules, regulations, and policies were very strict. Not knowing the depth of Adam’s struggles and pain he went through, I could at least put my perspective on…

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