A Letter From My Friend Paul Essay example

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It has been a year since I have received a letter from my dear friend Paul. We had heard of his death three months ago. I did not want to believe it was true, and part of me clung on to the foolish hope that he was still alive, until today. Why today? Ingrid, Paul’s older sister, stopped by. Although we three grew up together, I am not close with Ingrid, so I was surprised to see her. “It is from Paul,” she stated, as she handed me an envelope. She looked sad, almost apologetic. I could not blame her for feeling sad just months after the death of her brother. I was stunned to hear the letter was from Paul. All my silly school-girl hopes of his survival came flooding back inside of me. However, I could read the look on her face. This letter did not mean he was alive. “They found it with his things,” Ingrid explained, seeing my confused expression. “Father felt I should bring it over to you.” All of my hopes of Paul still being alive got crushed by what Ingrid told me. I was devastated and Ingrid could tell by the look on my face. “I will leave you alone to read the letter,” she said. “Ellen, if you need anyone to talk to, I will be here.” Then she was gone. Just seeing the envelope, a flood of flashbacks hit me like a wave. I broke out in tears just remembering a time right before Paul left. We were just 18. He told me, "Do not worry, Ellen. I will be safe and send you a letter every chance I get.” He wiped away a tear from my cheek. “Do not cry. I will always be with…

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