A Lecture On Homeric Gods Essay

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Homeric Gods Summary Professor Anderson gave a lecture on Homeric gods. There are many ways to explain the start of the universe, but many people use religion to frame the world. The Greeks were one of many cultures to create hundreds of gods to help explain natural causes.
She started her lecture by explaining the historic evidence behind Greek’s beliefs. During Homer’s time, everyone was polytheistic except for the Jews. Because of this, the Jews had bad relations with the rest of the world. Also, she explained the way the that the Iliad and Odyssey were written. Homer used dactylic hexameter which consists of phrases of long-long or long-short-short syllables. This style made it easy for the story to be remember and told again. Furthermore, Professor Anderson explained how the Greeks final wrote down the two books. They asked everyone to bring their best idea of the Iliad or Odyssey, and the parts that matched the most were written down. The importance of having written copies was to seal Greek history. These books are known as the fundamental text of the sixth century. Finally, when the Iliad and Odyssey were translated, they had to do it one line or idea at a time instead of word for word. This made it difficult because the exact meaning of each line was interrupted differently be each translator.
Professor Anderson went on to talk about how the Iliad describes the way everyone acted back them. The first example she used was when Zeus lets Achilles defeat Agamemnon.…

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