A Leader Who Has No Limits Essay

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Kim Jong-Un a leader that is feared by his people but is not stopped by them. A leader who has no limits, he does as he pleases. A leader that has control of what his people are expose to, as in news and food supply. Still Kim Jong-Un is still seen as a powerful leader even if seen negativity. Zeus is somewhat like Kim Jong-Un for he used fear to show his power from the rest of the gods. His leadership skills show his strength, even though it may be seen wrong but benefits him. He has the most power in what goes on the battlefield as well in Olympus. So after this essay one will be exposed to why Zeus posses the characteristic of strength and is seen without limits.
To start off, the gods pass along fear. They feared of their side losing, they feared of getting hurt, but mostly they feared on going against Zeus’s wishes for they know what the outcome would be. For example Hera and Athena wanted to go help the Argives but Zeus the all mighty sees everything, so he sent Iris to warn Athena and Hera to not intervene. So Iris goes and tells Athena and Hera …
Have your hearts gone mad in your breasts? The son of Kronos (Zeus) has made this threat…that he will maim the swift horses beneath your chariot, and that he will cast you out of the car and he will smash it. Not in ten years will your wounds heal when the thunder hits you (VI.207-208)

After this was told to Athena and Hera they decided not to continue on with their plans, right away “…Hera turned back her single-hoofed…

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