A Large Room Essay

1095 Words Dec 15th, 2015 null Page
Think of a large room. In this room there are people of every age, ethnicity, and country that you can think of. Now think of each individual story behind those lives. Everyone, despite their age, has a unique background, upbringing, and mindset. As college is hastily approaching, I see more and more people wanting to stay in the comfort of living near what is known. Not that there is anything wrong with living close to home, but personally I would rather go to a place completely unique to that of my own inner world. A place where the ideologies shared are rather unlike to that of what I’m accustomed to. But despite one’s drive or lack thereof to physically explore the world, cultures and personal experiences can and will always be held between the pages of a book. Unlike most movies and television shows, books can submerge the reader into an environment completely dissimilar to their own and into that of the narrator’s. In this is the beauty of literature, as it allows students and others such as myself to experience things such as the traumatic impact that war can cause without having to relive such scarring experience. Literature is so powerful because it allows myself to empathize with experiences outside of my own perceptual limits.
Before this course started, my view was very limited in terms of the war in Iraq. As far as I was concerned, the videogames I once played in my early teen years was a spot on representation of what is actually going on. Sure, I could…

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