A Journey Through The Heart Of A Mother Essay

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According to Brainy Quote (2015), Marie Antoinette said, “’No one understands my ills, nor the terror that fills my breast, who does not know the heart of a mother’”. This quote conveys the end of her lifetime and the struggles she combatted. Now, flashing back to the beginning of her time and taking a journey through the life of Marie Antoinette. This fine young lady experienced an eventful childhood, time as the Queen of France, and had a tragic end to her life. The royal Marie Antoinette, originally Maria Antonia, was welcomed to this world on the second day of November 1755 in Vienna, Austria. (Fact Monster, 2015) This day marks when it all began. She was born into a wealthy family and received education in religion and moral values. Later in her childhood, the Seven Years’ War came to an end in 1763. (Bio, 2015) To keep the peace between France and Austria, her mother promised France that Marie would marry the future king. Beginning her teenage years, she married King Louis XVI of France whom she had never met. This was the beginning of her new life and new struggles. (A+E Networks, 2009) The new royalty had complete opposite personalities that were not meshing together well. Marie would spend endless night hours partying and Louis XVI would be sleeping before midnight. The queen had not conceived any children yet, so her mother sent one of her sons to counsel Marie and Louis XVI. Marie Therese Charlotte was conceived a year later. (Bio, 2015) Now that Antoinette had…

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