A Journey Of New Opportunities, Possibilities, And Challenges

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A journey of new opportunities, possibilities, and challenges begins when one moves to the United States. Everyone has to face lots of difficulties while finding new opportunities and success. I was 21-year-old when we moved here from India. The first challenge that I faced upon my arrival in America was the English language. Because English is not my first language. I still remember my first day of work at a convenience store. I was unable to understand the customers because of their American accent English. After a year I thought I improved my English skills, but when I took my Accuplacer test for college, and I realized that I was nowhere near perfection. I was ready to worked hard so I can learn and improve my English skills. It’s a journey of dreams which is beginning with learning English skills.
Before starting my journey to reach my dreams, there were various obstacles that I had to face. My first obstacle was my financial status. I had to make money in order to support my family. I did not take any days off during my first year of working. I missed many family gatherings and parties because of my job, but on the other hand I took this opportunity of working in a positive way and realized that I could actually learn while I was working. I tried to learn as much as I could from customers, friends and from other resources as well. While working at a gas station, my reading and writing skills improved, because my work required me to check all the deliveries and order. I…

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