A Interview With A Conversation With My Husband Essay examples

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One Thursday evening while my husband was away, I had a to have a conversation with my children that I, honestly, was not ready for. It was not the typical talk most parents have with their children but I, unfortunately, am not like most parents. And as like most things when you have children, it always happens at the most inconvenient times.
LET’S GO!!!! WE are going to be late. C’mon. C’mon. C’MON!!!
Dylan! Please for the love of Jesus get out of the frig.
“Where are we going Mom? We going to practice?” quips Daniel.
“Practice? ME!! GO, TOO!!” chimes in my 2-year-old Dylan.
“Yes. Mommy has practice tonight” I replied as I watched their eyes light up with excitement. You see, I play roller derby. When my husband is out of town, the kids come to practice with me. It is probably one of the only thing they like when their Dad leaves town. They love seeing their mom step onto the track and become Jersey TurnSpike. But that is a different story for another day.
“We have to make a stop before we head to practice. Mommy has an appointment.”
“Aw. What’s the matter Mommy? Are you sick? You getting a check-up?” questioned my 4 year-old with growing concern. At this moment, my heart sunk because I didn’t know how to answer them. Because the answer was yes. His mommy was very sick. You see I have a serious and potentially deadly illness. Left untreated, my children may possibly have to grow up without their mother. You…

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