A Interview On The Great Depression Essay

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I interviewed Lydia Werner. She is 82 years old and from Germany. Mrs. Lydia was raised in Germany till she was 25 years old. She moved to Melbourne Florida with her husband in the year 1959. She got married at the age of 21 in Germany. I was happy that she was willing to let me interview her. A friend of mine said that I could contact his mother in law because she is over 70 years old. I am thankful for that. This assessment pushed me to get out of my comfort zone with talking to older people because I thought older people didn’t really like talking to younger people.
1. What were your feelings and thoughts on work when you were 21 years of age?
Lydia has been working since she was 10 years old as a cigar maker in Germany. When I asked her the questioned, she responded with a normal response. The way that she was thinking then was that everyone works no matter what color or gender a person were they all worked. Lydia liked to work. She also said that women were allowed to work. Lydia’s mind set was if a person needed to work then just work. In the year 1955, Lydia also talked about the town she lived in. The people in the town didn’t see a problem with females working for a living.

2. What are your feelings and thoughts on work now at 82 (your present age)?
Lydia’s said that work now feels longer and the days are shorter. She added that her aged impacted the way she works. It takes her longer to do the tasks she needs to finish because her body doesn’t run as fast…

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