A Interview On Health Care Systems Essay

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In Sick Around the World, T.R Reid partnered up with FRONTLINE to do a documentary on health care systems in various different countries. The countries whose healthcare policies were viewed are the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, and Taiwan. This documentary was done to show what these countries are doing that’s causing them to have success in their healthcare systems and what the United States can do to become more successful with its healthcare system. Each of these countries took different approaches to making healthcare accessible by almost everyone and succeeded. Although there are still kinks and many things could still be better, they all succeeded in making policies that are better than that of the United States. The United States is the richest and most powerful nation in history, but ranked number 37 in the healthcare system when it relates to quality and fairness. The five countries previously mentioned do much better than the US and spend much less than they do. The UK uses the Beveridge model; Taiwan uses the Canadian-style National Health Insurance model; Germany, Japan and Switzerland use the Bismarck model. Reid gives us statistical facts on each country in hopes that the US will take heed to what these other countries are doing right and try to bring about change in the healthcare system that is failing. Japan has the second largest economy and the best health statistics in the world. With Japan’s healthcare policy, everyone is covered.…

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