A Interview On Childhood And Teenage Years Essay

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The Interview

Interviewing my ninety year old father, Joseph Denis, had me come to the realization that our childhood and teenage years had many similarities, yet had many more differences. Born in 1926 , Joseph was raised in a different era than myself, as I was born in 1961. Joe had six brothers and two sisters, while I had three brothers and three sisters. Although the technology had advanced and the basic lifestyles had changed over the years, family time was important to each of our families as we were growing up. This paper will compare the similarities and contrasts of our upbringings and lifestyles. I asked Joe about the house where he was raised, and he told me that he grew up in a small house which had an outhouse, the only bathroom for the eleven people living there. Buckets and pans of cold and boiling water were poured into the bathtub, as it had no faucet. He told me that the children were allowed to bathe once a week. He shared a bedroom with two of his brothers. When he was twenty three years of age, he bought his first house, a small bungalow, where he lived for sixty four years. The house, where my siblings and I were raised, was slightly larger than the house which he was raised, according to Joe, and also had one bathroom, although there was a faucet in our bathtub. We were allowed to bathe as needed. My three sisters and I slept in the attic, which was converted into a bedroom. When asked if family dinners were eaten together when he was living at…

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