Life In The Dust Bowl

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Pioneers settled in the Great Plains started in Kansas—Nebraska an went westward.

The Dust Bowl and the Depression of the 1930s caused settlers to retreat. There was an

abundance of land and pioneers were eager to go west to settle and claim the land. The

land could be cultivated to raise crops. The two main problems that the settlers faced

were weather and the distance. The weather was a big problem, with blizzards, hail,

and high winds and cold temperatures. In the summer there were periods of drought

which are the worst. Some droughts lasted 35 days and then there were some that

lasted as long as twenty years. I can’t imagine how awful that must have been.

Most of the homes had dirt floors during those days and the houses were built out of

logs that they had cut from the
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They had no phones or cars to jump into and go to see

their neighbor or go to the store like we do today. The women washed clothes and they

made their own clothes, they didn’t go to the store to buy them. Maybe on a special

occasion, they would buy a new dress, but that’s the only time. They also had to cook

the meals. They didn’t go out to eat like we do. It was either cook it or don’t eat. They

had to bring in water from the nearest stream, to wash clothes, wash themselves, wash dishes or whatever else needed. They didn’t have running water as we do. Also the

women had to be courageous because sometimes wild animals would come around and

the ladies had to know how to defend themselves and their children, and their crops as

well as their farm animals. Another danger for the pioneers was gangs of drunken

cowboys that roamed the prairies. Some of them liked to cause trouble for the settlers.

The settlers stuck together, and all of them helped each other. When one person

needed something the neighbors all came together and pitched in and helped. Like an

old fashioned Barn Raising. That’s the way people should be

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