Jeffery Family Interview Assignment

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I have interviewed Jeffery for this assignment. Jeffery is a 65 years old male who is a relative of ours. I interviewed him during the family annual thanks giving gathering, which makes an ideal occasion to conduct this kind of interview. Jeffery lives in St. Mary’s County, Maryland, which is located in what considered to be Southern Maryland. Jeffery was born in the state of Iowa. He had an unusual childhood—he lived in a family that moves constantly; therefore even though he was born in Iowa, he did not spend much times living there. Just like everyone in his age group, Jeffery was a part of the baby boomer generation. The baby boomer generation was the result of increase fertility rate after the end of the WWII, and is hallmarked by having large families. In this point of view, Jeffery’s family can be said as a typical baby boomer family—he had seven brothers and one sister. When asked about his grandparents, he recalled that his grandmother was very strict, and his grandfather was very quiet, but respectable; when he speaks, he speaks with a sense of authority and determination …show more content…
He thought the moon landing and the 9/11 attack in WTC made the list. When asked about the most important problems facing the world today, he answered the threat of Islamic terrorists; and, to much of my surprise, expansion of the communists. At the conclusion of the interview, I asked the question of how do you think older adults and students can help each other. He critique students by saying that students act on ideals too much, so much so, that they have lost in touch with the real world. Therefore older adults can help students realize the challenges and conditions of the real world. Lastly, I thanked Jeffery for spending his precious time for allowing me to conduct this interview as well as for gaining invaluable insights into the lives of the past

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