What Is The History Of Your Family's Quality Of Life?

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SOCI1F90 Written Assignment
The history of my family’s quality of life and how I became what I am today, is shown throughout many events in their lives and in mine. My grandmother’s generation, my mother’s generation and mine are all interconnected through what they did to make their children’s and grandchildren’s lives better and how society changed the decisions they made for a better life when moving to Canada. The relationship that our generations share are very different when speaking about the types of society that we all grew up in. Societal norms have changed over time and what was the right thing to do 50 years ago might not be the right call now in the present.
C.W. Mills was one of the most influential sociologists of our time and
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The immigrant point system was put into effect in 1967 and you could bring as many people over the border with you as you wanted. High skilled immigrants that had certain talents and could speak English or French would be required to pass a points test to be placed in a job that used their skills in a good way. Immigrants that don’t go through this system have to come into the country with very low paying jobs and aren’t able to provide for their families off this type of income. Your Grandfather had a hard time finding a job and had to gamble at the track sometimes just to pay the bills. Your Grandmother had to work three different jobs at the same time to pay for her family and her husband gambling addiction. Your Grandfather on your Mother’s side is shot and killed when struggling to find work in Canada’s economy. Your family is left to live on welfare and is known as the lower class in the country. This gives your family no source of a large income which forces most of the family to live under one roof together and most of the income goes to food for the family. Your Mother is born into a family that doesn’t pay much of any attention to her and to get this attention she gets pregnant at a young age to gain some acknowledgment from her mother that was always working to provide for them. In 2016 your grandchildren …show more content…
On September eleventh, 2001 there was a terrorist attack on the world trade center buildings and this changed the world forever on their views on Indian people and people of brown skin colour. People you have worked with for years that you would call your friends started to act cold toward you and speak under their breath to you. This made you feel like you didn’t belong and that you did something wrong even though you had nothing at all to do with the attack. You feel son uncomfortable that you request yourself to be moved to another branch. This person is your father and this shaped the way you view how other people look at you after event that people of your race

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