A Hope For The Future Essay examples

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A Hope for the Future Do victims of society really wish for peace on earth and good will to all men; or would they rather forcefully take away from others and crown themselves a king in their own right? Homer presents a fantastic abstract on this subject through an artistic medium, the shield of Achilles, in book 18 of The Iliad. He creates a prognostication; depicting an entire world and the activities of its inhabitants. This predicted evolution contemplates the future of how justice and revenge, along with martial and civil code, will be implemented into society. We are provided with situations across the entire spectrum of good to evil, which lay the framework for this discussion. Without these, a hollow poem would be all that remains; one that contains no progress or development for a better world. The Iliad would be alone in its tragic happenings, never able to convey the desire that Homer, and his heroes, have for a better tomorrow: it is in this brilliance that Homer is able to contrast the current state of martial code to civil code, and its future relation to justice and revenge through the actions, reactions, and consequences of his various heroes. Introducing a spectacle to behold, the brilliant shield masterfully crafted by the skilled god Hephaestus is designed as a metaphorical gateway into a physical world that allows the reader to see a direct correlation to the current state of affairs; where aristocratic martial law dominates The Iliad, and the rise of…

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