A History Of Autonomous Cars Essay

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Autonomous cars, also called driverless cars and self-driving cars, are cars that do not need human input to navigate the world. According to MiWay | A History of Autonomous Vehicles, in 1925 the first autonomous car, Linrrican Wonder, took its debut drive on the streets of New York City. The Linrrican Wonder was a radio-controlled driverless car owned by the radio firm, Houdina Radio Control. The car was outfitted with a receiver which received radio signals from a second car that was following behind it. The radio signals controlled electric motors that was fitted on the Linrrican Wonder. The Linrrican Wonder used the electric motors to navigate through New York City (“A History,” 2015). One of the forefathers of autonomous cars was Norman Bel Geddes. Geddes’ Futurama exhibit in the 1939 World’s Fair, depicted cars using electromagnetic fields to move. To create the electromagnetic fields required the use of circuits embedded within the roadways. Geddes’ idea for autonomous cars was backed by General Motors in the form of a sponsorship on the Futurama exhibit (“A History,” 2015). MiWay | A History of Autonomous Vehicles states,
In the early 50s, a company called RCA Labs built a miniature car that was successfully guided and controlled by wires on the lab floor. Due to the success of this experiment, the decision was made to create a full-size test based on this same theory. Thus, in 1958, a full-size system was successfully tested and demonstrated on a large…

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