A Historical Look On Globalization 's Impact On The Environment And Ecosystem Services

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A Historical Look on Globalization’s Impact on the
Environment and Ecosystem Services
Humans have only been on this earth a fraction of its life but in those years, we have drastically altered it in ways that can never be reversed. Globalization, the process of integrating and interacting among ourselves and people of different nations, could never have occurred without these changes. However, they have come at the ultimate cost, the health and wellbeing of our planet. Environmental damages take numerous forms; pollution, climate change and biodiversity loss are among three of the most prevalent . There is a close linkage between ecosystem services and human wellbeing. Ecosystem services are the benefits that people are able to obtain from ecosystems such as food, water, erosion control, recreation, and climate regulation . As humans, we are fully dependent on what the Earth provides us. There is an increasing need for such services and currently, 60 percent of all ecosystem services are being degraded or used unsustainably . As the world has become more globalized the impact it has on the environment and its services grows along with it.
The alteration in the use of our land is likely to be the major driver in the change and destruction of ecosystem services . The increase of urbanization, “the conversion of land to residential and industrial areas ” results in major shifts in ecosystems. Ecosystems and the living species in them are being destroyed at an accelerated rate…

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